For the past 27 years Jay has worked         passionately to help people develop     their physical and emotional well being.   Originally trained as a Health   Kinesiologist, Jay has worked as a  professional life coach for the past 19  years. With her husband and business   partner Terry, Jay has developed a unique form of coaching, empowering   people from around the world to come in           to a healthier relationship with their                 emotions.      

Jay Brightwater

meet your emotional fitness team!

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Terry Brightwater

            Terry has been health practitioner for                      over 26 years and a professional life                       coach for 19. During this time he, along 

     with his wife and business partner Jay,

     has developed a unique form of                                coaching which has benefited hundreds of                people all over the world. As well as Emotional         Fitness Coaching, Terry also practices Energy         Space Clearing. He is passionate about the                work he does and is committed to                                empowering people to become                                     emotionally fit and healthy!