Energy Space Clearing

Hello, welcome to the Energy Space Clearing page.

Terry Brightwater provides a bespoke Space Clearing and Blessing service, for your unique needs.

Creating a safe, relaxing and inspiring flow of energy, in your home, business or relationship.

What is Energy Space Clearing?

Energy Space Clearing is a great way to clear and bless your home, relationships,      body and business.

   Energy Space Clearing consciously and intentionally creates a safe, happy, spacious    and creative space, in which to live, work and play.

   Terry has been a professional Space Clearer for 20 years now. 

  Terry has developed a unique form of clearing and blessing, which has benefited hundreds of clients, homes, business's and relationships.



                                                                                    How does it work? 

                                               Terry has been a gifted sensitive and intuitive all his life!

         This has enabled Terry to be highly sensitive to emotional, psychic and energy 

                              dynamics, in people, places, homes, business's and relationships.  

                                 Terry's high sensitivity to these energy dynamics within people

                                    and places, enables Terry to get the core of what needs to be

                                  cleared and what appropriate blessing needs to be put in place.















The Process of Clearing and Blessing!

The process starts with a free 30 minute consultation, to access your needs.

The next step will be a series of consultations, between 2 to 4, on Skype, Phone or in Person.                                                   These consultations help create your unique blessings Intention.

Next is the clearing itself! The energy space of the home, business, relationship or person, now gets cleared of all negative emotional, psychic, mental and geopathic energies.

Terry performs this remotely, with his well developed intuitive/emotional muscles and sensitivity.

A blessing intention is now put in place, which has been created through the consultation process.

Again Terry performs this remotely, with his well developed intuitive/emotional muscles and sensitivity.

The final stage is to really enjoy your newly cleared and blessed space.

The space is maintained energetically, by a daily clearing and blessing technique, that each client gets coached in.

This coaching session comes as part of the overall energy space clearing package.     


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             "We love Terry's Energy Space Clearing!

                Today our house is a safe and peaceful place,

                 something visitors recognize immediately and we love

                spending time in it now.

               The two power line projects both got canceled and we do not need to move now.                  Our economy is thriving in several new areas and we are now also seeing old                       resources in a new light. I have a new career and a lifestyle"                                      

     Johanna Wallin 


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   Prices and Packages        

   Prices start at £497.00 to £997.00 for most domestic clearings.


   Raising up to £3,770.00 for more commercially based clearings.