Hannah Pearson

This is truly amazing work and I am very grateful to be able to receive coaching from Terry.

I can highly recommend Terry's work as a coach and healer to support all aspects of growth. He is grounded, clear and balanced with a rare intuitive ability and kindness. In sessions with Terry I feel he always meets me where I am and listens deeply, supporting transformation of any stuck energy. He has a particular knack of being able to draw my attention to places where I may have had a blind spot, in sensitive non threatening way. After coaching sessions with Terry I feel centered, supported and resourced. This is truly amazing work and I am very grateful to be able to receive coaching from Terry.

Jennie Goodrum

Emotional fitness has become part of my life and helps me to grow every day!

The coaching sessions I have with Jay are incredibly empowering and I feel like I'm living a much richer life because of them.  I have become more aware of my emotions and what they are telling me, and as a result feel like I'm making far more authentic choices about my life from the seemingly small to the seemingly large.  I've been able to explore parts of myself in the sessions I never would have, and wouldn't have even been aware of, before!  Jay is kind and supportive, and helps me to see different parts of my life more clearly, so I can move forward in the ways I want to, breaking down the things I've been conditioned to believe along the way.  Emotional fitness has become part of my life and helps me to grow every day!

Johanna Wallin

We all feel so emowered now!

We love Terry's Emotional Fitness Coaching and Energy Space Clearing! We all feel so empowered now!

Before Terry's work, our house used to have power surges in the electricity, creating power cuts for us. Our property/land was going to be crossed by two new big power lines! We had just lost the family fortune! I had been asked to step down from a business position that I loved and took pride in having! My husband and I had all of that happening before connecting with Terry for the first time.

Today our house is a safe and peaceful place, something visitors recognize immediately and we love spending time in it now.

The two power line projects both got canceled and we do not need to move now, because of the radiation and dominant power lines on the landscape.

Our economy is thriving in several new areas and we are now also seeing old resources in a new light. I have a new career and a lifestyle that is innovative and speaks of a new future leadership, which includes time and space for our regular emotional fitness practice, which Terry has supported our whole family in, to new levels.

As you might realize by our example, Terry does not shy away from big and complex tasks. I can´t say how much I appreciate his gentle lighthearted and relaxed personality. I feel deep gratitude for his clarity, depth and willingness to handle whatever is brought to the table when we meet.

The best part, is that Terry is continuously willing and very able to work in a progressive way, whilst remaining very human and honest about his own fallibility! Even if his biceps are bigger then most humans! lol :0)

It makes it a total delight to this day, be able to call him a friend and power partner.

Both my husband and I can recommend Terry, especially if there is a need for more clarity for your self. Plus a safe space to explore and acknowledge what is REALLY going on in your life and your relationships.

Thank you Terry for all your help and support in co-creating a wonderful life and a harmonious place to live!

Clare Stevens

Each session has given me the tools to live a wholehearted life!

Feelings eh? So complicated and yet so simple...

Jay's knowledge, emotional generosity and intuition have helped me understand myself more with each session and given me the tools to live a wholehearted life in a way that works for me. I'm still the same person of course, but am starting to hear my own heart and live in a freer, more flexible and honest way. Its a revelation. I can't recommend the coaching enough.

Clare Stevens.

Nuku Wondrausch

The best gift I give myself each month!

Terry is a gifted expert in his field. I have been professionally coached by him for more than 6 years. His delicate supportive and clear style combined with the powerful tools and practices he teaches, have made him an invaluable and continually developing resource to me. With complete certainty, the best gift I give myself each month; something that enhances and creates possibilities in all other areas of my life. Thanks Terry!

Sonja Francis

The greatest support I have and can count on.

Terry is one of my most favorite people to talk to and I am happy to say he supports/coaches me every other week -- the greatest support I have and can count on. Can't wait to do a Space Clearing with him for my new home... Terry is proof that "Human Angels" come in all shapes and forms, and sizes :-) Thank you for being in my life! xxx

Ben Goodrum

In Emotional Fitness Coaching for 5 Years

I have had many influences on this subject including books, people, talks, documentaries and travelling but one huge influence has been my Emotional Fitness coach Terry Brightwater, who with his mix of psycological/emotional tools and conversational coaching has empowered me to experience living and being on a level I didn’t know was possible! Terry and his wife and business partner Jay have developed their own coaching system and more.

Amanda Gronau

connecting with my emotions


Biljana Lipic

joyful living

Each one of my coaching sessions has been special and intensely trans formative for me. This I feel is because right from the start,Terry completely witnesses my process, which instills an intuitively felt, deep sense of trust in me. Furthermore, with his loving and compassionate coaching style, Terry has been able to guide me right to my essential core self.

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