what is emotional fitness?

We often think of fitness

as something we need to maintain in order to stay healthy. We put time and effort in to caring for our physical bodies, from the food we eat, to the exercises we take part in to the rest we allow ourselves.  

All these factors contribute to a healthy, happy, you.

     But what about our feelings?

How much time do we spend on maintaining the balance of our emotions?

Are we training ourselves to become strong, flexible and fit in our feelings or are we simply not putting enough awareness on developing our inner selves?

That's where your emotional fitness comes in.

Whether you seek a different perspective, want to gain more awareness of how your emotions work in all aspects of life, come into better relationship with your self and others around you or your at a turning point with your emotions, we're here for you. 

Our values and experiences have shaped the unique tools and techniques we use and with a little help from friends and fellow coaches we provide you with the space to connect with your personal emotional resources.   

We believe that everyone can work towards their

fit, free and flexible selves, both inside and out.

We're here to guide you on your journey.